Rules & Policies


-You may also cancel this contract/Registration for any of the following reasons:
-If upon a doctor’s order, you cannot physically receive the services because of significant physical disability for a period in excess of six months.
-If you die, your estate shall be relieved of any further obligation for payment under the contract not then due and owing.
-If you move your residence more than 25 miles from any health club operated by seller.
-If the services cease to be offered as stated in the contract
-All money paid pursuant to such contract cancelled for the reasons contained in this subdivision shall be refunded within 15 days of receipt of such notice of cancellation.

Registration                                                                                                                                                              Registration is available on our website. Look at the schedule and choose the class that works best for your child. Then go to our parent login page to enroll in the class of your choice.

The non-refundable Anniversary fee (Registration fee) of $50.00/family is payable upon registration and is good for 1 full year from the date of registration. We do have open enrollment and you can register at anytime throughout the year based on availability. If you register mid month tuition will be prorated to the date of the child's first class.

Credit card, debit card and Flex-Fit payments can be made online only at You can also make payments by mail or at the gym. Please make checks payable to Tumble Bee Gym. There is a $30.00 charge for all returned checks. Monthly tuition is based on 10 equal monthly payments based on 4 lessons per month that are due by the 1st of each month. A $10 late fee will be applied to all tuition received after the 10th of the month.

One make-up class per month will be allowed.
Reservations are required for all make up classes.To schedule a make up class please email or call the gym.
There are no refunds for missed classes and tuition is non-refundable, as you are paying for your child's spot in class, not by attendance.

Parent Observation & Waiting Room Rules
We do have a parent observation area but it is small and seating is limited. We kindly ask that only one adult per child stays to watch class. A Parent is not required to stay for class, but one is welcome to watch from the waiting area at anytime. Non-participating children need to be sitting with parents or playing quietly in the “Waiting Area.” Parents are responsible for any children making use of this room.

All children must be accompanied by a parent or guardian when using the restrooms. Children must be kept under control in the waiting area at all times. No standing or climbing on chairs, half walls, cubbies or any other furniture. Respectful behavior is expected of all spectators at all times. The waiting area was designed to be a quiet room for parents and visitors to watch their child.

PLEASE remain in the waiting area and refrain from distracting the children participating in the class. We need your child’s undivided attention to help them progress with the speed and confidence we strive to see.

No food, drinks, gum  are allowed in the gym at anytime. This includes the waiting area. Water bottles are allowed!

Photographs & Videos
Please note that parents and/or guardians may take photos and videos their own child/children. We pride ourselves in promoting a safe environment for our students, therefore taking photos or videos of other students is strictly prohibited. In the event that this is observed or brought to our attention you will be asked put your phone away or leave the gym.

Absolutely NO FLASH PHOTOGRAPHY! It can be very dangerous and distracting to the gymnasts performing their skills. We appreciate your cooperation.

Arrivals & Departures
Please be on time for the start & end of your class.
No smoking, vaping, chewing tobacco, or alcoholic beverages permitted anywhere on our property, inside or outside. 

What do I wear to class?
T-Shirt and shorts (sweatpants) or leotard with bare feet or gymnastics shoes.
For safety reasons - NO tights, NO leotards with skirts, or dresses, No Crop tops, half shirts or sports bras. Tie back long hair, remove all jewelry, and do not wear jeans, wind pants, baggy clothing or pants that are to long.
Gymnastics Leotards, Shoes, Shorts and Tumble Bee T-Shirts are available for purchase at the gym.

What do we do when it snows? In the event of inclement weather, class cancellation will be announced by calling Tumble Bee Gym at 716-868-1525. If we are closed there will be a message on our voice mail system, including the date and time of the closing. Closings will also be posted on our website and facebook pages. Please keep in mind that your school may be closed, but we may be open and vise versa. Also cancellations can occur at any time during the day depending on weather conditions so please check with us before your child's class. A Make-up day will be held for all weather closings.

Refund Policy
Class tuition, less classes attended and a processing charge of $15.00, are refundable with written notification of cancellation at the end of the child's second scheduled class. All fees are non-refundable after the child's third scheduled class.

Drop Procedure
Instructions on how to DROP A CLASS:
To drop a class you must do so before the first day of the month you wish to drop.
If we do not receive your request of your intention to drop before the first of the month, tuition will be due for the entire month as we have held your hild’s spot in the class.
Go to the parent login. Log on and click enrollments. Click view enrollments, Click DROP. Then enter the last day of the month in which you are currently enrolled as the requested last day of enrollment. Click Request DROP. If you have questions please call the gym at 716-868-1525.

Please note: You are responsible for payment for your student's classes WHETHER OR NOT YOUR STUDENT ATTENDS CLASS. If a student stops coming to class without submitting a formal request to drop through the parent portal, then that student's account will be charged for the additional 30 days. This charge will be for holding the student's place in that class instead of offering that place to one of the many on a waiting list.