Baby Bee - Parent/Child (9-36 months) (45 min)            
A parent/toddler motor development program to help your little one learn to move & move to learn.            
Together you will enjoy group activities, music and creative movement. Little ones will climb, crawl,                         roll & play in a safe stimulating environment. Don't forget to bring your smile!

Busy Bee (3yrs) (45 min)                                                   
Fine & gross motor skills are developed through movement, music, games & group activities. Children will learn basic gymnastics skills.*Child should be potty trained.

Tumble Bee (4yrs) (45 min)                                           
Listening & comprehension skills improve through class structure. Children will begin to learn more difficult gymnastics skills & how to put them together.

Kinder Bee (5yrs) (55 min)                                                                                                                                       Children will gain confidence, strength, flexibility, balance & coordination. This fun non-competitive gymnastics class encourages children to achieve their own personal best.                  

SCHOOL AGE CLASSES (55 min. - 2 hour)

JR Bee (6&7 yrs) (55 min)
This fun non-competitive gymnastics class was designed specifically for 6 & 7 year olds. Emphasis will be on mastering basic skills and gaining a good understanding of gymnastics terminology.

Gymnastics - REC 1 (8-14yrs Boys & Girls) (55 min)               
Improve strength, flexibility, balance and coordination in this fun, challenging, non-competitive gymnastics class.

Gymnastics - REC 2  (70 min)  
Previous Experience Required - Instructor Evaluation Only.

Gymnastics - REC 3  (90 min)
Previous Experience Required - Instructor Evaluation Only.

Gymnastics - REC 4  (2 hr)

Previous Experience Required - Instructor Evaluation Only.

Tumbling (55 min)
This class will include strength and flexibility training while concentrating on tumbling skills.

REC Team(2 hrs)                                                  
This class is for gymnasts that love gymnastics, but do not want the commitment of a competitive team. Perfect for High School gymnasts looking to keep up their skills in the off season.

Competitive Team                                                    
Advanced teams, Levels 2-10 and XCEL

Tumble Bee Gym offers private lessons for our enrolled gymnasts and tumblers looking for additional one-on-one instruction.

Current members

30 min. private lesson (1 student) $30.00 (2 students) $50.00
45 min. private lesson (1 student) $40.00 (2 students) $70.00
1 hour private lesson (1 student) $50.00 (2 students) $90.00
                                                                                            1.5 hour private lesson (1 student) $70.00 (2 students) $130.00

Non-members are also eligible for private lessons with one time annual registration fee of $40/yr.
Private lessons are then charged at member rates. The annual non-member registration fee (Anniversary fee) covers one full calendar year from the date of enrollment.

*Please note that a parent or guardian must be present at gym for the entire lesson.



Birthday Parties                                                                                                                                                                   
A great way to celebrate your child's special day!Tumble Bee Gym Mobile Gymnastics & Creative

Movement Classes
The mobile fitness program for children. We offer pre-school and school-age classes for children 2.5-12yrs.

Field Trips
Special group times can be scheduled on an individual basis. Call the gym for more information.

Girl Scout & Boy Scout Programs                                                                                                                                      Badge programs are offered for all Scout programs throughout the year.


Programs Offered